• ◇Ensuring in-depth understanding clients business and cultural characteristics
  • ◇Through effective communication with customers in the job responsibilities andscope,compensation budget,
  •      work relations and consensus on the requirement characteristics and other aspects of the candidate
  • ◇Develop search plans and tasks project;
  • ◇Communicate with customers and revise search plans
  • ◇Determine the most effective way of searching, using talent databases or target enterprise search tool.
  • ◇Assess candidates, including suitability and motivation of comprehensive evaluation.
  • ◇define candidate list.
  • ◇Provides a list of candidates, as well as material to the customer;
  • ◇Communication with the customer and evaluate candidates;
  • ◇Get customer feedback and summarizes search scope and objectives;
  • ◇Prepare detailed curricula vitae of the candidates, as well as assessment summary
  • ◇Assisting and supporting customer selection
  • ◇Get the feedback from customer and candidate
  • ◇Candidate background checks
  • ◇Assist and support the final staff interviews;
  • ◇Remuneration package of communication,
  • ◇Negotiations and coordination.;
  • ◇Obtain feedback from each side;
  • ◇Help candidates successfully complete grade transition;
  • ◇Ensure that candidates and customers long-term cooperation;
  • ◇Access to customers and candidates mutually satisfactory;
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