The company:A Famous US Company
 Position:HR Director
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Post date:2011-08-22 17:26:44
Job Description:

Purpose: To lead HR activities in North Asia and to support our growth strategy in the region



  1. Working with local managers, develop staffing plan and budget in beginning of each financial year
  2. Keep track on overall company hiring process and making sure talents are hired with the best practices in the best timing
  3. Develop employer branding strategy and recruitment strategy under the most cost effective manner

Compensation and Benefits

Design and implement competitive and performance driven compensation and benefit structure through:

  1. Gather salary and benefit information for general employees working in the related industry,
  2. Design remuneration system that is driven by individual performance and contribution to the company.

Performance Management

Implement a performance management system across the company which :

  1. Give the performed employees a reason to maintain their good performance,
  2. Deal with poor performers appropriately, and,
  3. Attract the type of employee that Orange needs
  4. Ensure result of the performance review is effectively linked to the annual bonus syste

Change Management

  1. Help employees from different teams to work under the same corporate vision, culture and system
  2. Spread the positive corporate images in terms of culture, vision and future development
  3. Help managers and employees in evolving and uncertain times.
  4. Help individuals with coping and dealing with stress and positively managing change.
  5. Minimize risk of turnover and controls market risk

Staff Development and Succession Planning

  1. Working with local managers, optimize the chances for organizational success by facilitating a succession strategy for key leadership positions and identify key staffs group as future successors
  2. Identify the development gap of each of the key staffs with their line managers
  3. Design personal development programs for each of the key staffs and for individual BUs
  4. Design training programs for key staffs / general staff based on their development gaps and corporate initiatives
  5. Provide regular follow up/monitoring on staff development progress,


  1. Cultural sensitive,  track records in designing and implementing HR programs in North Asia (in particular in China)
  2. Change management experience is highly preferable
  3. Willing to take ownership, enjoy working in an entrepreneurial environment and able to demonstrate same. Must be flexible, understanding that no job is too big or too small
  4. Ability to plan and organize in a complex environment subject to ongoing change
  5. Broad understanding of various HR knowledge such as employer branding, people assessment, performance manager, staff communications, C&B design
  6. Excellent listening and analytical skills, able to Identify training needs by helping line managers to identify team development needs through data collected addressing the overall gaps and business needs
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