The company:A famous US Company
 Position:Operation Director
Position No.:
Post date:2011-09-16 19:04:14
Position:Operation Director
Job Description:

1. More than 10years process and/or equipment engineering experience

2. Currently a technical leader or Sr Engineer position

3. Semiconductor, Packaging or Assembly manufacturing experience

4. High volume manufacturing environment experience

5. Experience gained at MNC

6. Good communication skills both in English and Mandarin Chinese

7. Strong at DOE, SPC and other statistical techniques

8. Direct experience in more than one of the following processes: SMT, Die Attach, Wirebond, Flip Chip, Molding, Singulation, sawing, dicing, wafer backgrinding, plating, laminate/organic substrate, etc.

9. Package types: BGA, SIP, RF packages, Multi-Chip modules, LGA, etc.

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