The company:A famous US Company
 Position:AP SQE Manager
Position No.:
Post date:2011-09-16 18:58:21
Job Description:

Job scope:

  • Formulate and implement a win-win Supplier & Subcon Quality Management System to meet RFMD Beijing Operations requirements.
  • Ensure suppliers & subcon quality meet or exceed RFMD Beijing expectation as part of RFMD Beijing Supply Chain Strategy
  • Be the first line of defense to suppliers’ and subcon quality issues and manage problem resolution effectively
  • Be responsible for engaging Suppliers and Subcon via regular communication channel and defining escalation protocol.
  • Constant review on Suppliers and Subcon quality performance and effectiveness of its continuous improvement programs thru quarterly business review
  • Become a seamless transition to the suppliers manufacturing system by providing more of a consultant role then a policeman role but balancing when and when not to police in the interest of RFMD good yielding products
  • Formulate and execute periodic on-site assessment on Suppliers and Subcon according to Master Audit Plan
  • Jointly develop “lesson-learnt” and “benchmarking” system between RFMD’s subcon and RFMD in-house, then propose improvement opportunity for RFMD Beijing to ensure in-house operation competency
  • Jointly develop a communication protocol with GSO to address Subcon & Supplier product quality issues and its impact to RFMD & RFMD Beijing.
  • Ability to manage required changes to the workmanship documents and translate into new design rules/guidelines



  • Great communicator, fluently on English is must and fluently in Chinese preperred
  • Bachelor Degree on Engineering or related majors or experience equivalent to that
  • More than 7 years experience, 4+ year SQE Manager or equal level leadership experience must have
  • 3+ year Asia Pacific reginal SQE experience must have
  • Electronics Industry background must have, Semiconductor process rich experience preperred(such as Assembly/Test, or Wafer Fab)
  • Can easily travel around asia
  • UScompany style culture preferred
  • Effective communication skills with people and able to handle short notice work, Professional skill and Management skill.
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